A superb view guest house that faces the Kanmon Straits in Japan
uzuhouse | Tourbi Inc.

event space

event space

Why don’t you plan events on the back of the Kanmon Strait scenery?
Event space is rented at Uzuhouse, so feel free to contact us.
For your information, the events that have been held so far include yoga classes, JAZZ concerts, regional creation events, and so on.
There are lodging spaces, so you can use various ways such as training camps and staying seminars.


Available hours 10:00~22:00
Capacity about 40 people
Fee / weekday 1,500JPY /1H (all day_12,000JPY)
Fee / Saturdays-and-Sundays holidays 2,000JPY /1H (all day_16,000JPY)
Equipment Power supply · Air conditioning & heating· Wi-Fi · Projector · Mike · White board · Four-seat table (8 units) · Cushion (30 sheets)

Past Events Scenery



Operating company:Tourbi Inc.
7-8 Amidaiji-cho, Shimonoseki-shi Yamaguchi-ken 〒750-0003
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