A superb view guest house that faces the Kanmon Straits in Japan
uzuhouse | Tourbi Inc.



You can use the lounge in front of the 1 floor reception and the 2 floor and you can enjoy particular coffee and orange juice from Yamaguchi prefecture and local sake from Yamaguchi prefecture from 350 yen.
There is also a wall art by Ms. Saori Kanda on the first floor, a library with books of various genres on the second floor, and terrace seats where you can see up close the Kanmon Strait.


Business hours 9:00~23:00(L.O. 22:30)
Regular holiday open 365 days
Credit Card available
The number of seats 40 seats
Tobacco non smoking (Smoking space available outdoor)
parking lot 4 cars (Akama Shrine’s 3rd parking lot on the ocean side)



Coffee / tea
Coffee 350JPY
Specialty coffee 600JPY
Cafe au lait 400JPY
English breakfast tea 350JPY
Chamomile herbal tea 350JPY
London fog 400JPY
Soft drink
Orange juice from Yamaguchi Prefecture 350JPY
Apple juice 350JPY
Ginger ale 350JPY
Coke 350JPY
Beer/ Cocktail
Sapporo black label 500JPY
Lowen Brau 500JPY
Heineken 600JPY
Corona 600JPY
Smirnoff Ice 500JPY
Zima 500JPY
Japanese sake /Shochu
Ohmine (Ohmine Brewery) 500JPY
Netaro (Nagayama Brewery) 500JPY
Choshu-Zamurai (company association Choshu Samurai) 500JPY
Cake / Snack
Cheesecake 400JPY
Today’s cake 400JPY
Coffee jelly 450JPY
Honey roasted nuts 350JPY
Salsa & Chips 500JPY

Cafe & Bar Space

2F Cafe & Bar Space Ocean side

2F Cafe & Bar Space Ocean side
2F Cafe & Bar Space Akama Shrine side

2F Cafe & Bar Space Akama Shrine side



Operating company:Tourbi Inc.
7-8 Amidaiji-cho, Shimonoseki-shi Yamaguchi-ken 〒750-0003
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